EZ Camping - Parabolic Portable Solar
Evacuated Tube Cooker, BBQ Stove
 Free Unlimited Energy

Perfect Advanced Cooker, Super Power Solar Energy

Product Description:

Smokeless Solar Portable BBQ Stove Cooker.

Oven Grill Outside Activity Accessories Gadget.
Clean Solar Barbecue Grill Tool.

Portable Multi-Function Solar BBQ

For those who want to nibble an al-fresco sausage or chicken drumstick without the guilt of adding to global warming, it is the answer to a prayer. A barbecue powered by the sun is now on sale now.

The solar BBQ can focus the sunlight with mirrors and reflect it on to the center vacuum tube which absorbs the heat, a strip of black metal running across the center for barbecue purpose.

To start grilling without smoke or flames, all the chef need do is lift the lid on the shiny silver device, aim it at the sun and place the food inside. It is ideal for use in places where naked flames are forbidden or unsafe, such as balconies in flats and campsites. The 
Solar-Powered Grill allows environmentally-conscious cooks to enjoy grilling outside without feeling guilty about carbon emissions.

There's no smoke, no open fire and no pollution. It's a small contribution to saving the environment but we feel we are doing our bit to help people be more green. And also the solar-powered barbecue is a promising sign because if you are a person who likes the outdoors, then you should be even more aware of your carbon footprint.

15 min for a delicious meal, safe cooking, high temp. Real no elding cook.


No need to clean the charcoal ash,no need to worry the naked light.Tuck up the oven,everything is well

Energy Saving

No gas, no electricity, no charcoal, free solar power could help you, once buy, no other fees to cost.

Temp keeping

Stencil Tube is like a Insulation bottle,can keep food warm 2-5 hours after cooking.When you cook food at day time,you can enjoy at nigh 

Features & Specifications:

  • Type: Grills
  • Place of Origin: Shandong, China
  • Brand Name: EZ Camping
  • Model Number: 1097
  • Grill Type: Solar BBQ
  • Metal Type: Stainless Steel
  • Finishing: Not Coated
  • Feature: Folding Cooker
  • Safety Device: Flame Safety Device
  • Certification: GS
  • Material: Stainless Steel 304
  • Color: Black
  • Product name: 
    Solar BBQ Grill
  • capacity: 1.5L
  • Style: Outdoor Product
  • Use: sunny
  • Size: 75*35*15cm

1. Using 304 stainless steel, it's safer and more hygienic

2. No smoke, no open fire, lock freshness, lock incense, lock nutrition

3. Lightweight design, complete machine net weight only 4.9 KG, very convenient to carry.

4. Cooking without electricity, no carbon, zero fuel input, if the sunny is  enough, after 10-20 minutes ,You can eat delicious food

5. Easy to clean, the whole body can be washed by water

Product advantages:

1. By using the principle of concentrating heat,the solar radiation through the reflector and vacuum tube condenser conduction heat and store heat,so you can get the energy to cooking the food.In the process of cooking,it will not produce choking fumes,clean and fresh,no carbon and protect the environment,the whole process of cooking is done in a vacuum tube,be separated from the outside,no soot or chemical emissions,no open fire,360 degree uniform heating,does not produce charred material,Let you enjoy the delicious while enjoying the healthy life.

2. The whole weight is just 4.9kg,after folded, very easy to carry, just like a kitchen that can move.

3. The appearance design is beautiful and fashionable,New solar cooking and it's different from other product,no matter where you go,you are the focus of much attention.

4. No smoke, no ashes,no hard cleaning stains,you just need to clean the food trough and the vacuum glass tube.

5. Every product has been rigorously tested,both quality and safety are guaranteed. Do not use open fire during cooking, greatly improve the safety factor.Babies can also get involved,enjoy the fun of cooking. Because of solar cooking,the whole process without human intervention,you can save more time to play with your family or friends.

6. If the food material is very fresh,the shortest time you should wait is 10 minutes,and then you can enjoy the delicious food.

7. Easy to Assemble, Easy to Clean, Easy to Fold.

Warranty: 1 year

Package include: 1 x Portable Solar Oven

Warranty: 1 year

Package include: 1 x Portable Solar Oven

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