Join our Affiliates Program & become an Agent.
Promote your Page, Anytime, Anywhere, and make Money.


We hereby offer you a Unique Business Opportunity to Become our Agent.

Silver Plan
Join our Affiliates Program & become an Agent
Promote your Page, Anytime, Anywhere, and make Money.
Join the Silver Plan, It's Free

Gold Plan
Build your Agents team.
You will be reword from every sells 
that have been done from your agents.
Join the Gold Plan for only: 49US$

- ​We sell our product
 through Agents.​
- ​
pay commission for every sold unit.

- ​You just need to Promote your Page/Link, to your friends, colleagues, etc, 

- You can do it via any channel, such as: Emails, Facebook, Whatsapp, SMS, or any other Social Media, etc. 

- All your activities can be done in your free time, Anytime, Anywhere. 

- You do not have any cost.

​How dose it Work:
​- We Create for you an AUP (Agent 
Unique Page/Link with your Unique ID
 such as:

For Example:
- Every 
have a Unique ID, We follow, from what page the units have been sold.
- You can choose what product/s from our products you would like to promote. you can sell part of the products or all the products.​
- You will receive Your Commission, from every Unit that will be sold from Your Page.
- You are committed to our Terms and Conditions

Commissions - Silver Plan:

Commissions - Gold Plan:
* Commissions from you Agents Sales

​​To Become an Agent, Please fill the Application form as follows: